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Equpoints ?

We want our users to benefit from being part of our community, through these points they can access discounts and promotions in several of our affiliated companies.


Unet ea  "Ecuador Click"  our platform gives you different benefits meets missions and earn discount points in different shops in Ecuador.

And speaking of benefits:

Receive points for:  

  • Complete Missions

  • Answer surveys

  • Recommend Friends

  • Accept advertising

Butoo ...   what are these points for?

These points are used to:

  • Get discounts on different products and services in our "Marketplace"

  • Get certain products at 100% discount

  • Enter raffles and raffles for various products and services with partner businesses

Will I tell you more?

  • No need to pay to use these points

  • Anyone can accept and share  Ecuador Click points

  • No matter how many points you have, you will always have discounts.

  • Also if you are going to undertake, this is the moment, Promote yourself with us receives our support and professional advice at all stages.


Ecuador improves with your contribution, enter our community and become a judge and part of transforming better products and services. Come be part of the  group of " Ecuador Click "  we are ready and willing to strengthen Ecuadorian Commerce.  

Visit and find out  what Ecuador has for YOU!

I want to complete missions and earn Ecupoints !!!

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