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Carnaval in Bolivar

Carnaval in Ecuador, once a year for four days everybody goes somewhere to spend their break, but once a year a province in Ecuador stops being alone and isolated from the other parts of the country. It is Carnaval when many people from the coast and other provinces come to visit this province of Bolivar and its little towns, where the party starts where they visit their family and friends where they stay to spend the days.

Each year it starts in a different town, the people see the folk dance that each culture brings, the Cariocas that distract the dancer or the alcoholic drink a man gives to another man, to drink while he is part of the parade, the food where the Hispanic heritage comes along with the pork, but an ancestral food that passes from generation to generation that only in Carnaval you get to taste it because the corn leaves are still young and you used them to make a type of tamal an Ecuadorian tamale with the name of chiwil. It's a great place to be to make it with your family and enjoy it while you make it. There are things that just in Carnaval you get to see here in Ecuador, enjoy your stay with friends and family such a magical place to be once a year.

The Chiwiles made only in Carnaval


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