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The Battle of Tarqui: A historic milestone that defines Ecuador's Civic Day

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

On February 27th, Ecuador commemorates the Day of Civility, the Day of the Ecuadorian Army, National Unity Day, and National Hero Day, which are four historic moments that are part of our nationality. This date marks the Battle of Tarqui in 1829 which covered the country in glory.

The battle was fought between the Gran Colombian troops and the Peruvian army. This year, we commemorate the 194th anniversary of this epic fight, which is now identified in the Ecuadorian civic calendar. It is also a day to honor the Ecuadorian Army, who have sacrificed so much for our country, including the likes of Bolivar, Sucre, Calderon, Alfaro, Vargas, Andrade, Coral, Chiriboga, Ortíz, Molina, and many more heroes of the Cordillera del Condor and the Alto Cenepa in 1995.

The Battle of Tarqui has a significant place in Ecuador's history and is now 194 years old. This battle was fought in 1829 between the Gran Colombian troops and the Peruvian army. It took place in the south of Cuenca, where General Antonio Jose de Sucre led his troops to victory. The battle resulted in almost 2,500 Peruvian casualties, and it was a decisive moment in the country's history.

On this day, Ecuadorians also honor the military and the country's national unity. This day is celebrated by hoisting the Ecuadorian flag in public and private educational institutions, and it's a reminder of the values of civic behavior, historical events, and territorial belonging. It is a day to celebrate our heroes who fought for our freedom and the formation of the Ecuadorian Army.

The Day of Civility was declared by former President Carlos Julio Arosemana Tola 66 years ago, and it's an opportunity for Ecuadorians to come together in celebration of our country's history and achievements. Today, we salute the Ecuadorian Army and remember the Battle of Tarqui, which remains a fundamental event in the country's history.

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